Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Edge of Mercy 2003

Edge of Mercy (Ocean Beach, 2003)
The first in an unending experiment I termed, "undocumented dance" 

I danced at the sea in 2003.  The wind was gentle and danceable.  I can’t remember the object I had, dancing with the wind.

A veteran hollered at me what are you doing?  I didn’t answer but threw him the object.  The wind carried it to him.  The wind played it’s role in the dance.  It made him effort his entire body to catch it.  He caught it and looked at it.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t what he expected it to be.

We stood far apart.  I yelled, “Now throw it back to me.”

He started to cry, “I can’t. I can’t.”  Then,
“You look like freedom,” he hollered back to me. 

I hollered back to him as I walked a little closer to him,
“I don’t know what freedom is.”

He spoke.  “My friends said there’s no such thing as freedom.
They keep telling me there is no freedom.
But you,
You look like freedom.”

Then I started dancing backwards, making distance.  I hollered to him to throw it as hard as he could, and show me some freedom.

He froze.
He, looking at the object, just looking at it. 
I, dancing further and further away, toward the sea.

Then with a big slug of an inhale, his arm cranked back and slugged the air with it. The object made a most perfect airborne arc from where he stood into my hands.   

From that, our distance, we took a bow.