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The right-handed way is the right way. His story built a labyrinthine structure for the purpose of herding sheep, one way in and one way out, so as not to overwhelm by choice. One would rule the world. One would eliminate fear and annihilate the lotus flower of hope. Lost and found, and how it happens. "Don't panic, you're halfway there, find the circle."

Not the end, as the beauty hijacker would like it to be.

The irony is in the full circle.

The dance escapes tyranny, always for freedom. 

Hope is just another four letter word twisted into a hex, battered by far fetched wishes and violently shredded by man's inhumanity. But worn like night vision, seeing possibilities in the face of probabilities, hope is the will to survive, even a hair of hope to survive. Then even more so, to reach beyond it. To dream again, to reconnect with life again, with friends, and family, and neighbors, and nature within the nourishment of this planet, hope rides on care.

Hope is myth, the legend in the mathematics of rhythmic nature itself if you can see fractals everywhere.

What if you were a circle, with spirals moving strong through and around the center of you? Spirals you didn't create, spirals emanating from the lovemaking of earth and sky. 

Gravity holding us close to the bone.

Without center hope is lost. Without center, One wallows sightless not knowing the hugeness of its own ego, help is not asked for. Where is the lost and found? Is there a hope there? Hope scattered like bargaining chips, stolen dreams, false hopes, like an unclaimed lazy hope left aside by the willfully blind. For all of that, spot the claim instead for golden light out from where hope lost resides. 

Courage waxes and wanes. Blessings or curses? If doubt outlasts, pickup St. John's Dark Night of the Soul (Noche Oscura)

Now the labyrinthe turns into a sexy adventure of possibilities, not just playing to win but playing to play, puzzles and riddles from the unknown mystics, the unchartered, the not alone, with the aid of alone together wisecracking. Spontaneous combustion of the heart and mind—laughter. Laughter, the wild and uncontainable power moving interstitial space and galaxies with awareness supersedes One and contains all.

Hope is at the bottom of Pandora's box.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Mpowerdance Project Event November 13, 2022: THIMBLE

Mpowerdance Project Event November 13, 2022: THIMBLE
"THIMBLE" extracts the essence of MOTHERpeaceMOTHERwar. 
(h/t excellent capture by Bart Frescura) 

Mpowerdance Project will host a closing reception for our year long (2021–2022) exhibition of MOTHERpeaceMOTHERwar

Mark your calendar for community gathering on Sunday, November 13 from 4 to 6 PM at the San Francisco Theosophical Society. To join us for our in person event, we were require proof of fully vaccinated status at the door. For more information email us (, or inquire via IG DM.

Mary Power, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Mpowerdance Project, will perform a closing dance for MOTHERpeaceMOTHERwar. She will discuss the formation of new dance collective for 2023, working with "Visionary Dance Oracle, A Book of the Soul and the Visionary Dance Oracle Cards.

Sasha Silveanu, Artist and Anthropologist, will present her latest revelations on "My Mother Tapes," sharing inspiration for her current and future works.

Peggy Tahir, Librarian, Poet and Food Alchemist, will perform her poem "24 Radisms," a work formed out from breast Cancer treatment and healing.

Richard Power, Global Security Expert, Author and Yoga Teacher, will discuss climate action and spiritual archeology with his choice reading from any number of books he's authored.

Monday, April 11, 2022

New Book of Choreography by Mary Power

New Book of Choreography

Visonary Dance Oracle, A Book of the Soul by Mary Power

And flashcards, Visionary Dance Oracle Cards by Mary Power.

Choreography book found on Amazon and Etsy.
Signed Book and Cards found on Etsy.

2022 Mpowerdance is currently teaching small outdoor adult classes in Pilates/Gyrotonic/yoga/martial arts core strengthening and movement for choreography (using the Visionary Dance Oracle book and cards.) Classes move around San Francisco. If you're interested in attending, follow us on instagram mpowerdance.project and send us a DM with your experience level and performance interest. Thank you!

Photo: Excerpt of Installation art MOTHERpeaceMOTHERwar including Sasha Silveanu's Mother Tapes from our November 2021 Survivors Dreaming event. Currently, 2022, showing at San Francisco Theosophical Society, as seen here with dancer Emily Shurr.

Monday, January 17, 2022

GDP 2022 Starlight

starfrenziedstarlightstarlightstar          STARLIGHT

taken from Visionary Dance Oracle, A Book of the Soul by Mary Power
Twenty-first century
Julius Cesar calendar 
time, really slow read with pause.

Time rushes after death,
death of a loved one.
A standing watch tik-toks
in the time stream.
Strong currents rush.

At first one wages the clock 
over one's own human being
exerting strict regimes 
toward a notion, 

a collectively established norm,
a thoughtless habit, 
plied with an addictive behavior, 

simply to avoid time, maybe out of fear, 
considering the unknown, and the known.

By ESO/ESA/Hubble and NASA -, CC BY 3.0,

One time, out of curiosity, 
stop time
no more keeping up.

The stream itself grows distant 
dies away into its quiet. 
One can hear the forest 
communicating life 

and possibility

and memory, starlight.

Starlight is memory.

Find a time, in our time,
for time to meet,
convenient or inconvenient, 
first to last chance. 

By ESA/Hubble & NASA -, CC BY 3.0,
Time is money, only the 1% richer by the trillions. 
Moneyed time, profits off of a life force from underpaid and under-recognized labor, a disposable people, later to be targeted as lazy when the trillions never 
ever trickle down.

Now generations, 
coming through.
Remix marches going on.
160 years of reconstruction  
into another for deconstruction, 
on that same old Jim Crow? 
Read that book,The 1619 Project, 
until it's done.

Karma is not a cheap parlor trick. 
Karma is the touchstone.
Karma is a mirror.

We're not done here…far from it.  

Doing time in time, like captive water tigers, 
pace up, carry yoga mat. 

Teach your children 
how not to hate poetry and dance and music. 
Learn the history of people, of place. 
Find a time to learn, to walk together.

Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.
Why wouldn't you love the rainbow?

(Addendum: On March 24, 2022 during the historical confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson, one U.S. Senator Cory Booker opened the portals of light and joy in his famous speech. Here is an excerpt as it pertains to Starlight.

"Harriet Tubman is one of my heroes, because the more I read about this person, the more—I mean she was viciously beaten. Her whole life, she used to fall into spells. Cracked skull. She faced starvation, chased by dogs. And when she got to freedom what did she do? Did she rest? No, she went back, again and again and again. The sky was full of stars. But she found one that was a harbinger of hope for better days, not just for her and those people that were enslaved but a harbinger of hope for this country. And she never gave up on America. She fought in the—led troops in the Civil War. She was involved in the suffrage movement. And as I came back from my run after being near assaulted by someone on the street, I thought about her and how she looked up. She kept looking up. No matter what they did to her, she never stopped looking up. And that star, it was a harbinger of hope. 

Today you’re my star. You are my harbinger of hope. This country is getting better and better and better. And when that final vote happens and you ascend onto the highest court in the land, I’m going to rejoice. And I’m going to tell you right now, the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, will be better because of you.")

Mpowerdance Reading List 2022 
and yes, J.K. Rowlings






Light from the star named Earendel, has travelled an estimated 12.9bn years to reach the Earth – a huge leap from the previous most distant star, which dates to nine billion years

The observations were possible thanks to a rare cosmic alignment, meaning that Earendel may be the only individual star from this epoch that we will ever see. 

The most distant star ever seen has been captured by the Hubble space telescope in images that appear to give a remarkable glimpse into the ancient universe. The name Earandel means ‘morning star’ in Old English.
(Photograph: Space Telescope Science Institut/NASA, ESA, B. Welch (JHU) and D.)

Friday, January 8, 2021

GDP 2021: SWAY


"I do not hate you."
Sway like a sunflower.
Rhythm and rhyme not accepting trite contrition.


Sway with gravity
sway while you wait
beseech the World Egg
cosmic glue
cosmic cream

It's not the sway, it's the swaying.

Sway as we lean in together apart.
We made it Georgia!

Shiver in what was averted.
Shiver in what did happen.

Sway like a Butoh remix of the bridge on the river. 
Choreograph the anectdotal. 
Bounds of reverence.

She, there's a lot to learn.
He, that remains to be seen.
She, ha, there's a helluva lot to learn.
He, I agree 100 percent.

It's dark but the starlight is on 
la razas de mil colores.

Hey DJ, it's raining in here.
Subame la radio.

Let the river flow clear.


Dia de los Muertos 2021: 
MOTHERpeace/MOTHERwar, Survivors Dreaming.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Jupiter's Light

Jupiter's Light

There is always loss and life.  The difference is time. 

Everything has accelerated our 2020 world view within ourselves.  How long did we think we could move so fast with little relationship?  How long did with think we could consume our world without a response from it?  Life and Death have meaning.  Without knowing this, humans will only deepen with loneliness.

Humans must grieve for life when it's lost. 

In 2020 the losses have been great—human life, spiritual life, social life, animal life, forest life, mineral life, insect life, planetary life, and the slow sometimes fast and violent death of oxygen and clean water.  We require time to grieve the inequities in shelter and economy, time to confront brutality on the innocents, time to right starvation of food, shelter and love and for the terror it creates.  

With courage, together we turn, to see that we, humans, are the main problem. That we have created a disastrous world by our fear of nature, and by our contempt for it.  If we rise up wiser, this year may show itself to be the apex of loss depending on how the general election in America turns out. The world is watching.

There is no way to run away from our human predicament without bringing these problems along. The people who think there will somehow be a new religion on Mars are deluded by their own grandiosity.  The people who move to create dystopian or utopian futures are equally insane, sometimes in an unharmful way called entertainment.  The people who cling to the distant or recent past of the way things were in their version of good old days long for a bubble that has disintegrated.  

Our dis-integral beginnings are not with the murder of George Floyd, not by the calling in of US military 82nd airborne with their bayonets to be used on civilians, not with the rubber bullets and tear gas blasted onto peaceful multi-racial Black Lives Matter protesters.  Our dis-integral relationship didn't begin with hate crimes against LGBTQ+ Americans or Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans or LatinX, or Asian-Americans, or Jewish-Americans or asylum seekers who have been sadistically and illegally separated and caged. It didn't begin with the 2020 deadly global pandemic allowed to pillage 220,000+ since recording in March 2020.  After six months and counting, about 1000/COVID deaths/day, Americans of all ages are dying but especially seniors, all races are dying but especially people of color, markedly in African-American, LatinX, and Native American communities.  

Maybe, dis-integral life began with man made disaster itself.

How do we grieve when all seems lost, when loss doesn't quit?  Some humans forego their capacity with stagnation, little effort given with the justification that there's no more to learn.  Or build a manmade threshold of expertise where requirements for fresh knowledge and or new experience is deemed unnecessary.  And it is, precisely in this moment, the choice comes. To begin or not to begin. To begin requires the great effort of unlearning.  Not to un-know.  To unlearn. Not to leave unlearned. 

The California wildfires effected us like the Australian bush fires effected us, like the fires set in the Amazon rain forest effected us.  Anyone reading that line thinking otherwise is facing a moment of choice to begin or not. There is always the offering to to unlearn in order to learn.

Our ridge was burnt to the ground.  All shelters of beautiful homes for humans and wildlife were burnt to the ground. It was all toxic ash and ancient trees standing dead. The oxygen was sucked dry from that place. We were fortunate though that all the humans were evacuated safely.  But the forest, wildlife and its ecosystems were destroyed.  For decades our ridge was a sanctuary giving birth to dance, painting, art making films, producing for the mpowerdance project.  The fire changed all that.  The sanctuary mother home is wounded, dying and changing. 

Within this change an unexpected sorrow appeared. A specific grief not separated from the make up of 2020 thus far. 

Star gazing. Star bathing.

Months had gone by without witnessing the night sky without feeling the flicker of starlight vibrate its resonance.  In less than a week 13,000 lightening strikes and almost 600 wildfires started during an already severe heatwave. How do the firefighters survive this?  The explosive fires created freakish "firenadoes" and after weeks, months, some have been extinguished, unbelievably.  Post-inferno, nothing manmade remained in tact. Stones exploded.  There was no moisture left in smoky charred sky, oxygen is scarce, carbon dioxide abundant.  So how did one wooden star gazing adirondack chair survive when the others that sat next to it did not?

The first star to rise yesterday, in the California south sky was actually a planet. Jupiter.  Bright, clear light in the fading blue sky.  Jupiter brings joy to grief like the archangel Gabriel or the great works of the Tao.  It's healing light moves throughout whether noticed or unnoticed.  When humanity cries out Jupiter sends its message "We've been here before. We'll be here again."  

You have been here before. You will be here again.  Take nothing for granted.  Action and inaction have consequences.  

It is difficult the labor of love.  It demands of us not without laughter and good company.  May we continue to grow by an unusual effort, unlearning the nonsensical conditioned fears. So that, we can be alive through our many lessons in this lifetime, before death comes. 

We've come so far and there's further on.

Below is a one minute clip called "Jupiter's Light" a song and a message arrived from grief.  

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mpowerdance Project Trailer June2020

Mpowerdance Project Trailer June2020

For decades, with one compelling performance after another, Mary Power and her mpowerdance project have kept up a shamanic drum beat, summoning the forces of nature and the depths of the human soul. To bear witness to the exquisite beauty of Gaia and the utter interdependence of all life. Integrating dance, art, film, music and spoken word into a powerful somatic language, timeless, archetypal, universal, grieving and celebratory all at once. The liberating power of truth. The redeeming power of love. The creative power of forests, seas and psyches. This four minute film captures the essence of what mpowerdance project offers us in these perilous times, and provides a insightful glimpse into the richness of Mary Power's sustained vision.