Sunday, March 3, 2024

Spring Dance Workshop/Classes 2024 April 3 through May 29, San Francisco

Spring Dance Workshop/Classes 2024 April 3 through May 29, San Francisco
MpowerDance Project
Joe Goode Annex
Every Weds. 11-12:30pm April 3 through May 29

Registration required

Welcome to Spring Dance Workshop/Classes 2024 in San Francisco. Get ready to immerse yourself in a weekely, two month-long dance experience April 3 through May 29 at the Joe Goode Annex. 

Our workshop is heavily Butoh influenced. Our dance performance training is specific to our choreographic intent, it will be physically challenging.  Over the course, you'll experience new repetoire, directed improvisation, vocalization for dance, dance with camera, use of Visionary Dance Oracle book, and performance opportunity. Perfect classes for dancers looking to push their boundaries, get in dance shape, and grow as artists. 

Each class is filmed.
For more info, event agenda and registration go to our eventbrite page here.
Join us!!!

BADW 2024 Robot with Umbrella

 BADW 2024 Robot with Umbrella
Free Event 11-12:30pm May 1, 2024

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

GDP 2024: #WomenLifeFreedom

GDP 2024: #WomenLifeFreedom 
first published January 3, 2024
Our 21st century internet information age flows globally. Our globalization teeters between democracy or fascism. We have to be brave to live. 
Some people are now, just waking up to the joys and sorrows of the human condition happening all at once, every day. Some are finally waking up to history—familial, local, national, global—good and bad. People want to know. They even get DNA history. With all the information streaming “we are not alone in this world,” as social humans we long for community. We have to be brave to co-exist in person, real time, living in the moment, in a wild world. Change is a constant. Time keeps on. It's overwhelming if you try to control each heart beat. In our time, change impales upon us to make change in our worldview and relationships. 
Paul Anders/Nasa Earth Rise from the moonview
Our earth is very important. The peace in nature seeks to heal our traumatic wounds. Nature wants humans to handle change, to be happy. Breathe the fresh air after a rain, walk through the forest, watch a sunset, fear can melt off, even for a moment. It’s a healthy stretch for your imagination, clearing the cobwebs. Humans are of nature. 
With the increased destruction of nature, rapidly destoying the earth itself, made by numerous wars on the planet, burning fossil fuel, strip mining, etc., we are too slow to put it together. Our earth's restorative processes adjust dramatically in response. Humans call this climate emergency, climate disaster. Earth's healing properties are getting cutoff. Our human ability for communication with ourselves, with one another, with living things, cutoff. Acts to annihilate nature purposefully, are the most cowardly and contemptuous actions made by men. There's a certain insanity involved. It's like a brain without a body that thinks itself highly intelligent, but in reality its dumber by the nanosecond as sustenance was annihilated. 

Hateful acts cease by a force of forced enlightenment. Humans will always have Karma to pay, when and where they go. If there was only one last man on this earth, in this universe, in this galaxy, who failed to comprehend his relationship with nature, with another, even if he had  not regressed entirely into the depths of evil-ignorance, still, we all would have to keep returning, lifetime after lifetime. Until finally he concluded and acted accordingly with the purpose of radiating love, the golden light for all. 

Every act of kindness, tough love, conversational agreement-disagreement-resolution-growth, holds vast significance. No matter how great or small a gesture, kindness is king, compassion is queen. As witnesses, we testify to the load of work to be done until earth’s graduation day for humans. Humans are in for lifetimes of learning, especially since we keep repeating, over and over, the same cowardly acts upon nature, the metaphor for the feminine aspect. Our earth place is an important kindergarten. It's time to get it together.

This may seem far-fetched, as if ruled by a hate-filled heart is normal. But perpetuating hate perpetuates trauma, it’s a dumb loop. There is beauty in this world. It’s the strength of a functional and loving family, not a perfect family. It’s a thoughtful and considerate neighbor, not a nosy neighbor. It’s the magnificent appreciation for the power of wonder, intelligence, and for the light of beauty without possession of it. All found within unconditional love. 

Even amid our information age, we still possess a spiritual root to life, connected to earth and cosmos. The spiritual root of life seeks unfathomable depths as anchor. The spiritual root of life gives us a loving heart, common sense, a sense of humor and more common sense. 

The next part contains sensitive content. 

Treacherous times require focus. That brief synopsis hardly describes any of the worst treatments of women in the 21st century. Full accounts would fill nations of libraries. Nevertheless, women’s bodies, minds and spirits will never settle for slavery to the impotent, perverted and decrepit patriarchy. Understand this. As the patriarchy expires. 
Don’t normalize tyranny over women. Don’t normalize rape culture and violence against women. There’s plenty of reasons to be courageous, heal your sons and daughters, your grandchildren, your friends. For women, for human rights of all women, we need voices lifted up. We need your voice, with song. We need our spirit lifted with the extraordinary freedom, with the freedom to dance for #WomenLifeFreedom. 
We must protect beauty.

#ZanZendegiAzadi #FemmesVieLiberte #MujerVidaLibertad #WomanLifeFreedom. #Butoh #ContemporaryDance #Choreography #SanFrancisco #GDP2024

Monday, January 29, 2024

MpowerDance event: CO-EXISTENCE, a FREE EARTH DAY on 4/21/24.

MpowerDance event 
Please join us on Sunday April 21, 2024 from 2-6pm at the San Francisco Theosophical Society as we celebrate all life around the globe and galaxy. Remembering we humans are made of this earth, we share this earth with all of her kingdoms both seen and unseen. Our free family friendly event encourages everyone to renew heart, wear colorful attire, let the children (and the adults) wear their favorite animal, including magical ones.
Doors open at 2pm. Welcome. From 2-3pm, we'll host a 2-minute open spot for guests to share about the earth through original poetry, music, song, dance, spoken word, drum, chant. From 3-5pm a discussion on climate change, Qi gong healing sounds and movement, and an interactive dance with outdoor labyrinth. From 5-6pm indoors again, hang out, refresh, more music and dance.

Let us know you're coming or just drop-in. This event will be filmed. Further questions? 
with CO-EXISTENCE in the subject line. 

New Pilates Reformer, Pilates Group Classes, Presidio, San Francisco

New Pilates Reformer, Group Classes, Presidio, San Francisco with Mary Power 
A Body of Work 569 Rutger St, SF 94129
Sign up at A Body of Work or at Mindbody Online

Wednesday Evenings:
6:00pm Advanced Reformer
Uptempo Pilates workout with advanced progressions. 
7:00pm Beginner-Intermediate Reformer

Saturday Mornings:
9:00am Beginner Flow Reformer
For those looking to learn Pilates Reformer basics with fun sequences and safety measures that build confidence and enjoyment. 
*Beginners must have taken at least 4 private equipment classes prior. 
10:00am Core Flow Reformer
Total body workout focusing on core strength
*Mixed level must have taken at least 12 group Reformer classes prior.

Mary Power is a trainer with over 30 years of experience in Pilates, Gyrotonic, TRX, Feldenkrais, yoga, qi gong, martial arts and dance. Mary is artistic director and producer of MPowerDance Project, author of "Visionary Dance Oracle, A Book of the Soul," and a member of the San Francisco non-profit dance community through Independent Arts and Media.

Mary holds an M.S. in Kinesiology. As Senior Dance Medicine Specialist at St. Francis Sports Medicine Clinic, Mary helped clients return to performance. At UCSF Cancer Resource Center, she taught weekly mindbody fitness classes for all Cancer types. Mary specializes in orthopedic conditioning/re-education programs for elite movement performers. She enjoys Mpowerdance Project as choreographer, director and producer, as well as qi gong, fresh air and nature, with a healthy awareness to joy and suffering.

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Frieze and Flow Fridays Dance Improv Classes

Frieze and Flow Fridays Dance Improv Classes

Fun outdoor guided dance improvisation classes (shaping and flow) every Friday through July and August 11:30-12:30pm. For Young Adults, Adults all levels.

On each Friday's guided dance improvisation class, we'll be playing with sculptural shaping and flow, may include vocal harmonies.

Movement sourced from Contemporary Dance influenced by Butoh, Modern, Ballet, African with bodymind foundation in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Martial Arts and body leverage systems/TRX, Art Research, History, Film, Science, Music and Language.

Event can be filmed, on site signed waiver requirement. Wear outdoor dance shoes and layers for possible chill and wind.

Sign Up Click here.  Eventbrite sign up required even though classes are free! 

For more info on Bopsidy Click here.

MpowerDance Project is a member of the San Francisco non-profit dance community through Independent Arts and Media. We've been making dance since 1992. Our Project offers interdisciplinary performance works, dance training, process and performance opportunities, collaborations with dancers, artists, writers and film makers, and connects community experience through dance and media.

In 2012, MpowerDance created the Global Dance Project (GDP), a virtual choreographic endeavor that develops both local and global community participation using dance and media, with the artistic emphasis on relationship and sustainability to all life on planet earth.  

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Frieze and Flow

Frieze and Flow

Stay Tuned for upcoming dates July through August!

Join us as we celebrate San Francisco Bay Area Dance Week.

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