Saturday, February 13, 2010

MPOWERDANCE Company Notes: Artists Base Events and Performance Group

(Photo Credit: Ursus maritimus on sea ice close to Svalbard, Hannes Grobes, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 2006)

2012-Present The Global Dance Project (GDP)
2022 Survivors Dreaming New Media Exhibit 
2021 Survivors Dreaming (SFTS)
2020 Shadow in Light: Grace (screendance)
2019 Badwork GDP Workshop
2019 Oz Milieu (screendance)
2018 Light Dark (screendance)
2018 Figures (screendance)
2018 Badwork GDP Workshop
2017 SFVictory Dance-Civic Dance (SF)
2017 MUD.SPIRIT. IMPRINT (screendance)
2016 GENIE (screendance)
2015 EVAWAVE (NOH Space) 
2014 Anthropo: Seaweed Woman (Monterey CA) 
2013 Calligraphy with Marco Di Suvero Sculptures (Crissy, SF)
2013 Raven's Wing (Crissy Field, SF)
2008 Mango Planet, Part II: The North Pole (Counter PulseTheatre, SF)

2008 Mango Planet, Part III: Fullmoon Tango (CounterPulse, SF)
2008  Upside Down Circle (The Lab, SF)
2007 Save The Humans (Salon, SF)
2007  Heaven (Salon, SF)
2006 Madame Jellyfish (Lands End, SF)
2003 Awahnee Trail (Yosemite)
2003 Edge of Mercy (Ocean Beach, SF)
2002 Ancestors of Light (Phil Deal Gallery, SF)
1997 Serpentine Vision (McKenna Theatre, SF)
1996 On the Beam (Tommy’s Jeans, SF)
1996 Moon at Dawn (ODC, SF)
1992 Ghost Puppet Adventures (24 Mission Theatre, SF)