Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recharge: Begin

Recharge: Begin

Find a time and space to begin a daily dance of healing movement and sounds. It is important to feel safe and comfortable in your chosen atmosphere. Its nice if you can perform these exercises outdoors, in the elements, preferably before noon. But definitely before the sun goes down.

Cleansing Breath and Movement:
Inhale: sweep the hands out to the sides and circle the arms up and overhead.

Exhale: lower the palms in front of self with palms facing down fingertips pointing in toward each other and elbows wide.

Storing the Qi
Then place hand over hand, just below the belly button. Imagine all of the organ Qi compressing into a seed of energy stored in the center of your pelvis at the same level as your hands. Relax your breath. Turn to the next direction.

The following series is inspired by Qi Gong exercises. The entire series is a sequence for one session. It can serve as a warm-up. Each organ Qi is represented. Usually, begin with the organ Qi associated with the east; then circling round to each direction and respective organ Qi; and finishing with the triple heater.

If necessary, the following series can be done seated or supine, without movements. However, let the hands dance, vibrate and pulse toward and away from each other as if holding a living sphere. Imagine playing with an orb of gold and silver swirling energy that emanates from the body through the palms.

If you choose only one organ to begin your dance for the day, balance all of the organ Qi at the end of your session by one round of sound for each organ Qi. Try to keep to the sequence of the directions. Always end with the triple heater.

If possible, repeat each organ Qi sound a minimum of 3x's. Follow the last rep. with at least one cleansing breath and movement before going on to the next organ.