Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mpowerdance Project MISSION

Mpowerdance Project Mission

The mission of Mpowerdance Project is to challenge the dominant human-centric view of our place in the natural world, using the interdisciplinary and interactive mediums of dance, art, film and performance. With skill, research, memory and experience, we deliver an encounter that resonates with the wonders found in the wild, exploring the mystery of unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

Mpowerdance Project and collaborators entertain, enrich, inspire and connect diverse audiences, both locally (San Francisco) and globally, through the GDP/Global Dance Project, an annual choreographic offering.

Our work imprints upon the psyche of the mundane world-view—to cause a pause, a deep-motion of mystery, an unadulterated and elegant wave at freedom through dance. 

We encourage humane relationship to life by respecting boundaries and freedom, by keeping informed of community and world events, and by respecting and increasing a relationship with the natural world—with balance, sustainability and innovation through dance art and performance.