Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mpowerdance Project MISSION

Mpowerdance Project Mission

Our project maintains high artistic content through contemporary dance, multidisciplinary collaborations and interactive manifested production to comment on human-centric views. We are committed to inclusion and social awareness.

Mpowerdance Project supports collaboration with dancers, artists, writers, musicians, and technicians whom align with our voice. We are made of disparate survivors (cancer, war, child abuse, climate refugee, racial and gender injustice.) Our collaborators are committed to our dance art performance creative process and development style with cohesion into full-length performances and productions. 

We inspire and connect diverse audiences, both locally (San Francisco) and globally, through the GDP/Global Dance Project, an annual choreographic offering.

We build toward sustainability in all relationship, promoting professionalism and friendship with respect among ourselves, other humans, other species and to nature itself.