Sunday, February 14, 2010



Since 1992, with over thirty years of San Francisco-based directed dance exploration, collaboration and original productions, Mpowerdance Project draws upon themes of archetype and collective psyche to find possibility in beauty, to deepen understanding and juxtapose context of relationship or lack thereof with an emphasis on entertainment. Our work is informed by world events. 

We respect our audience with compelling dance performance developed out of cryptic choreography, our creative process combined with interdisciplinary dance training and research. We cultivate beauty and wit.

Our annual Global Dance Project (GDP) is virtually directed choreographic offering with participation from both local and global community. Our GDP not only amplifies dance and the use of media to emphasize the vital necessity of dance in our world. It connects and unifies our artistic message with independent choreographers and interdisicplinary artists worldwide, giving free access to our imagination bank and its results. 

Stay tuned for GDP film festival submissions.