Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Global Dance Project (GDP) is the Mpowerdance virtual choreographic work that results in the global activation of dance consciousness, for the purpose of regenerating a healing stream of life force within ourselves, our communities, and within our atmosphere.

Conception of the GDP was inspired by Bhutan's Global Happiness Index and the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  In this vein, GDP also plays off of the acronym for "gross domestic product", increasing it to "global dance project".

Mpowerdance releases an annual poetic framework  to inspire a virtual, non-local and local, choreographic-flow that unites and empowers a world of dance toward awareness balance alignment and healing.  

The conceptual choreographic strand is given here for:
2018:  Move With Dual Harmonics
2017  Bennu Footprints
2016 Amazonia Animals Humans Dance Alive
2015 Dance Echo in Reverse
2014 FLOAT
2013 La Puerta de la Luna
2012 Mandelbrot Dance of the Double Helix 

GDP is to encourage manifestation of this alignment by the connecting force of choreographic interpretations through all styles of dance across boundaries of time and space.  We are here to learn the language of dance. We are here to inspire healing in dance as an alignment with sanity.

The dance swallows the sword of the world.  It takes back the Dance from the land of "NO", and gives Dance back to the power of "NOW".  The GDP is art.

The Dance is dancing our world moment by moment. We are here. We are ready.  We create dance now.

The GDP is to study the question, that cannot be answered in words: What is dance?  We participate in the GDP global choreography in group or solo setting, site specific or theatre produced.  This global dance project influences the world of ideas and manifestation, through dance art and performance. It is free connecting power. 

On the other hand, if you plan to make a buck off of these bright ideas, we would hugely appreciate a mention and/or, if you're loaded, a paid position on your usage.  Get it?  The idea is to share, not plagiarize.  

A gesture of acknowledgement is greatly admired.  Send us an email, link to our site, or include us in your credits.

The future of this project will include uploading global performances on a future site.