Friday, January 8, 2021

GDP 2021: SWAY


"I do not hate you."
Sway like a sunflower.
Rhythm and rhyme not accepting trite contrition.


Sway with gravity
sway while you wait
beseech the World Egg
cosmic glue
cosmic cream

It's not the sway, it's the swaying.

Sway as we lean in together apart.
We made it Georgia!

Shiver in what was averted.
Shiver in what did happen.

Sway like a Butoh remix of the bridge on the river. 
Choreograph the anectdotal. 
Bounds of reverence.

She, there's a lot to learn.
He, that remains to be seen.
She, ha, there's a helluva lot to learn.
He, I agree 100 percent.

It's dark but the starlight is on 
la razas de mil colores.

Hey DJ, it's raining in here.
Subame la radio.

Let the river flow clear.


Dia de los Muertos 2021: 
MOTHERpeace/MOTHERwar, Survivors Dreaming.