Monday, January 17, 2022

GDP 2022 Starlight

GDP 2022 STARLight

taken from Visionary Dance Oracle, A Book of the Soul by Mary Power
Twenty-first century
Julius Cesar calendar 
time, really slow read with pause.

Time rushes after death,
death of a loved one.
A standing watch tik-toks
in the time stream.
Strong currents rush.

At first one wages the clock 
over one's own human being
exerting strict regimes 
toward a notion, 

a collectively established norm,
a thoughtless habit, 
plied with an addictive behavior, 

simply to avoid time, maybe out of fear, 
considering the unknown, and the known.

By ESO/ESA/Hubble and NASA -, CC BY 3.0,

One time, out of curiosity, 
stop time
no more keeping up.

The stream itself grows distant 
dies away into its quiet. 
One can hear the forest 
communicating life 

and possibility

and memory, starlight.

Starlight is memory.

Find a time, in our time,
for time to meet,
convenient or inconvenient, 
first to last chance. 

By ESA/Hubble & NASA -, CC BY 3.0,
Time is money, only the 1% richer by the trillions. 
Moneyed time, profits off of a life force from underpaid and under-recognized labor, a disposable people, later to be targeted as lazy when the trillions never 
ever trickle down.

Now generations, 
coming through.
Remix marches going on.
160 years of reconstruction  
into another for deconstruction, 
on that same old Jim Crow? 
Read that book,The 1619 Project, 
until it's done.

Karma is not a cheap parlor trick. 
Karma is the touchstone.
Karma is a mirror.

We're not done here…far from it.  

Doing time in time, like captive water tigers, 
pace up, carry yoga mat. 

Teach your children 
how not to hate poetry and dance and music. 
Learn the history of people, of place. 
Find a time to learn, to walk together.

Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.
Why wouldn't you love the rainbow?

(Addendum: On March 24, 2022 during the historical confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson, one U.S. Senator Cory Booker opened the portals of light and joy in his famous speech. Here is an excerpt as it pertains to Starlight.

"Harriet Tubman is one of my heroes, because the more I read about this person, the more—I mean she was viciously beaten. Her whole life, she used to fall into spells. Cracked skull. She faced starvation, chased by dogs. And when she got to freedom what did she do? Did she rest? No, she went back, again and again and again. The sky was full of stars. But she found one that was a harbinger of hope for better days, not just for her and those people that were enslaved but a harbinger of hope for this country. And she never gave up on America. She fought in the—led troops in the Civil War. She was involved in the suffrage movement. And as I came back from my run after being near assaulted by someone on the street, I thought about her and how she looked up. She kept looking up. No matter what they did to her, she never stopped looking up. And that star, it was a harbinger of hope. 

Today you’re my star. You are my harbinger of hope. This country is getting better and better and better. And when that final vote happens and you ascend onto the highest court in the land, I’m going to rejoice. And I’m going to tell you right now, the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, will be better because of you.")

Mpowerdance Reading List 2022 
and yes, J.K. Rowlings






Light from the star named Earendel, has travelled an estimated 12.9bn years to reach the Earth – a huge leap from the previous most distant star, which dates to nine billion years

The observations were possible thanks to a rare cosmic alignment, meaning that Earendel may be the only individual star from this epoch that we will ever see. 

The most distant star ever seen has been captured by the Hubble space telescope in images that appear to give a remarkable glimpse into the ancient universe. The name Earandel means ‘morning star’ in Old English.
(Photograph: Space Telescope Science Institut/NASA, ESA, B. Welch (JHU) and D.)