Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Global Dance Project (GDP) is an Mpowerdance virtual choreographic work to activate our dance consciousness and performance, generating a healing stream of dance as life force within ourselves, our classrooms, our communities, and within our earth's atmosphere.  The Global Dance Project supports the creativity and skill of dancer and choreographers, of artists, musicians, painters, actors, teachers.  

The GDP unites and empowers the world in dance with balanced awareness, alignment and healing via access to the world wide web.  

Conception of the GDP was inspired by Bhutan's Global Happiness Index and the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  In this vein, GDP also plays off of the acronym for "gross domestic product", increasing it to art in the "global dance project". 

Our GDP studies this, unanswerable in words, question: 
What is dance?  

We are here to share in learning the language of our dance together. We are here to inspire a dance as an alignment with sanity.

Annually, Mpowerdance releases a poetic framework, dance riddle, concepts for dance meditations for free worldwide access via mpowerdance.net*, to inspire embodiment in choreography and creative flow. Thought process is required to decipher the embodiment of dance performance.

The Global Dance Project encourages interpretations through all styles of dance across boundaries of age, economics, time and space.  The primary requirement is to make a safe space, then work out the moves.  If access is available, film the dance (iPhone or pro).

Soon, this site will expand to include your participation, whether local or global, enabling uploads of your interpretations and  performances.  Following that, we will host a GDP dance film festival, and invite or visit collaboration with live performance.

The Global Dance Project annual focus:
2023:  Labyrinthe
2022:  Starlight
2021:  Sway
Look what we've done so far:  
Mpowerdance has taken the lead producing workshops for performers, and made short dance films of Global Dance Project:  
2015 EVAWAVE Workshop and Performance
2017 Mud-Spirit Print  short dance film
2018 Mirror:Dual Harmonics Workshop BADW and short film 

2018 COMPASSIONS Performance
2019 Murmurations workshop, BADW and Hamlin.
2020 Live Instagram Workshops
2021 Zoom and Outdoor dance conditioning classes
2022 Zoom and Outdoor dance conditioning classes 
2023 Outdoor dance class for Labyrinthe choroeography.
Dance is dancing our world moment by moment. Movement is life. We are here. We are ready.  We create dance now. 
Dance swallows the sword of this world and brings dance out from the land of "NO."

Dance the power of "NOW." Our GDP is art.

*A gesture of acknowledgement is greatly admired.  Donations accepted, share our links, include us in your next project, include us in your credits, and/or just send us an email with your questions. 

The Global Dance Project has trademark pending.