Saturday, January 14, 2023



The right-handed way is the right way. His story built a labyrinthine structure for the purpose of herding sheep, one way in and one way out, so as not to overwhelm by choice. One would rule the world. One would eliminate fear and annihilate the lotus flower of hope. Lost and found, and how it happens. "Don't panic, you're halfway there, find the circle."

Not the end, as the beauty hijacker would like it to be.

The irony is in the full circle.

The dance escapes tyranny, always for freedom. 

Hope is just another four letter word twisted into a hex, battered by far fetched wishes and violently shredded by man's inhumanity. But worn like night vision, seeing possibilities in the face of probabilities, hope is the will to survive, even a hair of hope to survive. Then even more so, to reach beyond it. To dream again, to reconnect with life again, with friends, and family, and neighbors, and nature within the nourishment of this planet, hope rides on.

Hope is myth, the legend in the mathematics of rhythmic nature itself if you can see fractals everywhere.

What if you were a circle, with spirals moving strong through and around the center of you? Spirals you create, and didn't create, spirals emanating from the lovemaking of earth and sky. 

Gravity holding us close to the bone.

Without center hope is lost. Without center, One wallows sightless not knowing the hugeness of its own ego, help is not asked for. Where is the lost and found? Is there a hope there? Hope scattered like bargaining chips, stolen dreams, false hopes, like an unclaimed lazy hope left aside by the willfully blind. For all of that, spot the claim instead for golden light out from where hope lost resides. 

Courage waxes and wanes. Blessings or curses? If doubt outlasts, pickup St. John's Dark Night of the Soul (Noche Oscura). And, or, mine your grief for a mission like Mamie Till.

Hope is at the bottom of Pandora's box.

The labyrinthe turns into a sexy adventure of possibilities, not just playing to play, but taking the puzzles and riddles toward the mystics, the unchartered is the not alone, with the aid of alone together wisecracking. Spontaneous combustion of the heart and mind—laughter. Laughter, the wild and uncontainable power moving interstitial space and galaxies with awesomeness supersedes One and contains all.