Saturday, May 19, 2018


The heart must dare 
to be bold.

COMPASSIONS is a culmination of recent works created and performed by Mary Power, showing original dance, paintings, song, short dance films, and art installation "MotherPeaceMotherWar".

Guest Artists and collaborators include dance by Elaine Santos, masks by Bart Frescura, and reading from his latest book, I the Dragon, Richard Power.

7-8:30pm June 22, 
7-9:00pm June 23, 
7-8:30pm June 24

Eventbrite - COMPASSIONS
NOH Space 2840 Mariposa  SF CA

“All these moments and actions have their inner justification. Taken as a whole they reflect the feelings, the passion, or the state which we describe by the use of the one word love...Every passion is a complex of things experienced emotionally, it’s the sum total of a variety of different feelings, experiences, states. All these component parts are not only numerous and varied but they are also often contradictory. In love there is often hatred and scorn, and admiration, and indifference, and ecstasy, and prostration, and embarrassment, and brazenness, [addiction and betrayal].”--An Actor’s Handbook by Constantin Stanislavski