Saturday, February 13, 2010


The GDP (Global Dance Project) HOW:

Gratitude, interest, curiosity, enthusiasm, sense of adventure... You are an artist. You are a dancer. You are a global citizen.

The project designs are in the genre of conceptual art, and now, in the genre, if there was such a genre, of “cosmic” art. "Cosmic" in the sense of space being now.

The dance concept is put forth into the virtual spheres of 21 century communication. This first step was a personal thought.

The idea expands virtually beyond the personal to become a public idea, and then a collective idea begins to form by those of us who not only read it but will participate.

When The GDP deepens our inspiration and moves us to create dance, art and performance, you and I meet in the dance. It is good to meet you here.

The dances conceived for this project can be micro-danced and macro-danced, locally and globally danced. The dance concepts can be visualized in paint, drawings, chalking, sculpting and film making. The dance concepts can played through music, song, poetry, sound. The GDP may inspire costumes. The GDP is a multi-media event. The GDP becomes a community within a quantum-event where space and time folds in on itself lessening our sense of separation.

Secondly and importantly, the dance concept must enter our manifested universe by your active and creative participation. This is the dance step everyone makes.