Saturday, February 13, 2010

Qi Triple Heater

Qi Triple Heater

The triple heater merges all temperatures, hot, cold and warm.

The Triple heater exercise is last, following all recharging and balancing of each organ: liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and spleen. There is some debate about which healing sound and movement begins the recharge and rebalance of Qi. It seems easiest to remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In this way begin with the liver (east), then follows heart (south), then lungs (west), then kidneys (north), then spleen (center), and finally ending with the triple heater.

The Movement
Reach up into an arch, similar to the start of a sun salutation but don't clasp the hands. Arms reach overhead with space between them. The overhead reach depends on the arch through your thoracic spine or mid-back. This is not a back bend, just a little arch while you reach overhead.

Take a big breath in.

Then in one motion exhale sound "sshhheee" while brushing your hands over sides of head and body and sides of thighs (knees have to bend), sweeping hands out from the knees.

Swing arms up and overhead with a big breath in. Begin again.

This is a dynamic motion. It is done to fit your body's comfortable range of motion. As you familiarize with the motion you can enjoy the swinging momentum created from standing arch to knee bend sweep.

Qi Bath
After you have completed the previous restorative healing sounds and movement and after the triple heater, take a re-energizing Qi bath. Gently pat the re-generated Qi back into the entire body. Or, it can be a brushing action.