Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Mandelbrot" Dance of the Double Helix

The Mandelbrot Orbit, the double helix, DNA shape, the infinity sign, the figure 8 pathway is a sure way to overcome physical inertia. Dancing along two circles, entwined, the two circles create momentum, propulsion, float, cosmic glue.

Keep awareness a vertical axis point of the circle; keep awareness of a personal central axis that relates to central point of that circle; and relate it to forward, backward, side-side motion; relate it to momentum and stillness.

Gently stand.
We are hanging upside down while gravity smashes us to the ground. How is this so?
One thousand miles per hour spin of the earth's rotation, with the earth's axis rotating around that, while the earth orbits around the sun--without crashing into other planets. And our galaxy spirals around other galaxies too.

How is it that we cannot notice?

Stand in the center of a circle with balance. Perceive the energy circulating freely and lightly throughout your being. Perceive gravity and will gently balancing you in the center point of the circle.

Turn on that point toward the easiest direction you feel like moving in. Establish your axis with the center of the circle, slowly.

Notice the internal/external rotation each leg makes to keep your feet centered on point.
Double helix stairs
Notice any resistance.
Allow your entire torso and gaze to turn with you.

Gradually return to stop or pause, balance along the vertical axis. Begin in the other direction.

The Point Becomes The Circle
Walk around the axis point to circumscribe a circle. Determine the size of the circle.

Maintain a magnetic connection or awareness to the central axis point from your original stance.
Move forward along the circumference of your circle. Notice the flow of unresisted gentle forward propulsion.

Increase the speed forward.

Again increase the speed and lean in toward the central axis of the center of the circle. The size of the circle must get bigger.

Slow down for a moment long enough to keep going forward. Then make a second circle.

You now have two circles to flow around--a figure 8 pathway.

A Figure 8 Changes The Direction
Change directions at the point of crossover to the second circle. In other words, walk backwards into the circle at the point where the two circles intersect.

So far, in this figure 8 pathway there are three axis points: one in each circle and one at the

point where each circle meets.

Once you have figured this out as a base, movement begins to take off, takes shape, takes balance. The circles move too, and the figure 8 pathway iterates toward infinity.  It's literally infinite and beautiful.
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