Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oz Milieu: GENIE a poem

Oz Milieu: GENIE  a poem
Oz Milieu (for Edgar)  
written by Mary Power (2012-2013) 

The sky
a dark doorway

love signs light
before our eyes
then slowly drifts away


to destruct to raw unexpectedly

tears don’t fall
no sounds at all
In the heat of a summer night

sounds of no sounds
all around

Dust to dust
To destruct

The Silent Forest stands

witness to the untamed law
Lao Tsu made reference to

It takes awhile to recognize
something unnoticeable recurring
but raw comes unexpectedly

through blood
through bones
through the sinews

In the big city
we smell diesel
and forget about it

Its fresh enough

But in the forest
In the night
fast asleep
a smelly coyote returns

slow to wake
slow to recognize

then awake and recognize

familiar now
Remaining unseen but not un-smelled
Oz Milieu

In the canyon below
the coyote choir sounds off

Did you ever hear
One out-laugh
the best witch
in a freaky mockery?

In the daylight
It’s noticeable

So many people want to be noticed
Some want to look like someone else
Some want blatant manufactured glands labeled to their chest for fun

In this term, of enhanced mutilation
Most can’t handle innuendo

Most love scared squares and boxes
And clean straight non-existent lines
Supposedly normal

But that doesn’t even exist in an oval riverside
The place bees dance
and bears give high fives
The arc of innocence never late to arrive.

Some want to be the winning millionaires
Some want to be famous
But what is fame
without singing
Money money money muh ney  Money

Strange so it seems
to be happy
to be nobody

Take a spin
A whirling wheel of discontent and happiness
that Land or shore
Of bittersweet dilemma

familiar now
Remaining unseen but not un-smelled



Contract release

Maybe living faster
Not so fast
in the long run
Sans priorite
makes inertia glue
get stuck to

Take a spin
To priorities place

North west south east above below
the center axis moves in arcs

This tiny blue dot whirring
Not worrying
about 1000 mph
Does anything take pause

Dance outside where the world is round
Dance inside where the world is wide

stretch a nanosecond

feel the sound

of silk and air

in raven’s wing

as natural

as life playing L I F E

Some people will talk
Money is love
Love is money

Some people will listen

Create from this raw
these ashes
this doorway
A motion that is rare

a sarcophagus is born
from ashes that are cosmic

But that’s not all is it

layers strip away

a preserve
the real inner glow of the show

Ahhhh the darkness

underneath these wraps

soft radiance after the gauzy decay

there is a fire here

and not there

Oh true
Most recent times require a strong breastplate for the women
Made of husk and sheaths
from fallen trees
if only with invisible mirrors
To dance on battlefields of negativity

Nature will not forget

Pick a topic
Spin the wheel

Accumulated sorrow
then pop a pill

just think
don’t feel
Pop that pill
Fake that life
blow a little gasket in your hand hell (-ed) basket
the auctioneer droning on about
the gazillion side effects that will kill

it may not be likable
but it’s preferable standing raw and alone

mutter some unlearned fear

familiar now
Remaining unseen but not un-smelled

The Sirens
she spirals down a downer
On the radio waves
The calls on cognitive dissonance

Was it good for you
Conjuring a weakening
Arranging a rage

Add another pill-pop with a higher gauge

Living the horrors over and over again

Until what

It becomes you
Like a glamourous wedding gown

those tyrants justify
everything in the end

legalizing harm and greed
and genocide

then interrogating the Ocean Mother

So many re-writes to his story
It’s a brow beat
Any chance to dispose the surplus re-writes in HIS bible
Recycles Blaspheme

The kindergarten circle
Ashes ashes
We all keel over from malnourishment and rape

It’s not easy to not see hate
to see beauty

It’s not easy to not hate

to see beauty

Write her story in the ash

It goes like this

Hate is a corrosive that castrates its bearer
Hate is a corrosive that mutilates its wearer

Hate is a corrosive that sneaks in with righteousness
Hate is a corrosive camouflaged in justifications

Allay in the alkalescent

something like this

Don’t become what you hate
Right her story
out of ash

her nature
beauty and sorrow

Without approval
She dances

the wave of a raven’s wing
could change it all

People understand the raven’s wing mystery
People see beyond the ash

Not to be
Never more