Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Mother Peace Mother War

Mother Peace Mother War

The karmic wheel. Ezekial's wheel. The dharma wheel…

Dear Mark di Suvero,

The rate of decay in effervescence of a memory in dance and art…I haven't forgotten your visit to San Francisco 2013.  Not because you are famed.  But because the gift was brilliant and extraordinary. 

The outdoor exhibition presented the art of possibility where dance could be made in collaboration with your sculptural manifestations. Acknowledgements to SFMOMA On-The-Go, their risk taking museum in the open air expansiveness of Crissy Field, that busted out your steel sculptures in the spectacular beauty of the bay. A whole book of well-versed language for justice is waiting.  Now a humble applause via this dance record.

Your poetry event at SFJazz center only cost $10.  I don’t know who selected the poets, the concept of them was by far more pleasurable than some of their descriptives.  But there was one older man who  extracted a sterling essence of your exhibit.  And I was relieved and empowered to hear your compassionate philosophy…