Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awahnee Trail 2003

-->Awahnee Trail (Yosemite, 2003) Just another "undocumented dance."

The Mpowerdance Company went on it’s first ever tour. With three dancers, we performed outdoors in the natural landscape of Yosemite, very, very different from indoor theatre.  It was then that I learned the value of applying extra focus to details surveying the dance area.  The environment requires more than a cursory glance of the dance ground area.  The limitations and boundaries of oneself in an uncontrolled setting cannot be disregarded as trivial to the choreography.  And, it is essential to be ready for the unpredictability and spontaneity present in the nature, and in passers-by.  Otherwise, lack of intensified awareness can result in injury, even from a tiniest pebble. 

At the base of the falls, two other artists appeared out of nowhere.  They explained to us something very unique:  Their role was to be the witness.  It was of utmost importance. 

The next day we performed on the lawn of the Awahnee Hotel.  And they both returned again, this time armed with a drum.