Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madame Jellyfish (Lands End, 2006)

 Madame Jellyfish (Lands End, 2006)
After Katrina hit New Orleans, there were and are so many after-shock waves.  The damage was not only from the climatic disaster itself.  Another sinister damage seemed to crest as reports and visuals showed that the injured were being maltreated, and being shot at and helpers were being turned away. It wasn’t as if we, US/World will ever recover from the horrifying violence of 9/11; or that the typhoons that wiped out parts of Thailand and Sri Lanka were any less.  But it was the insult to injury by the US, in sight of Katrina’s mega-devastation that summoned the dance “Madame Jellyfish”.

“Madame Jellyfish” was an outdoor performance at Land’s End, SF.  It never occurred to me that this was going to stand on it’s own as a solo performance.  And still I see this with a large company of performers.  But now looking back, it makes sense.  In Part I. there was one dancer; Part II. there were two dancers; and in Part III. there were three.  At Land’s End, atop the ruins of the old Sutro Baths, it was a dance of color, imagination and optical illusion.

“Madame Jellyfish” birthed the three part series called “Map of the Mango Planet.”
The theatrical productions were premiered out of sequence, to build the audience’s curiosity.  The first show was Part III. Fullmoon Tango.  Then months later, the next show was Part II. The North Pole. 

I still plan to bring Madame Jellyfish indoors, and then do a fourth culmination of the all parts of Map of the Mango Planet in 2009 and 2010. Well, the finances never fully manifested to develop those productions.  So I worked, and created choreography and drew up the scores and the plans, pushing everything forward to 2010.  As life ultimately determines the course of such events, the plans exist as needed.

Mango Planet, Part III: Fullmoon Tango
Mango Planet, Part II: The North Pole
(CounterPulse, 2008)