Friday, January 31, 2020

GDP2024: #WomenLifeFreedom Continued

GDP2024: #WomenLifeFreedom continued.
In Iran women, and men, are being executed, tortured, raped, imprisoned and beaten for a women’s right to live with her hair showing. Women show their hair anyway. 
In Texas, women who have a miscarriage must either escape their home state in fear of being hunted, or be imprisoned. Women have complications in child birth anyway; women need access to healthcare; healthcare is abortion. In Gaza women, without any rights, without education for themselves, are brainwashed by a religio-virgin fantasy to the extent of training their own babies, from early on, to be murderers and martyrs, gleeful and proud child soldiers. In Darfur, another genocide of mass killings continues with slavery and atrocities of gang rape on women and girls. On 10/7 in the Middle East, Israeli women were gang raped, mutilated, dismembered, abducted, and shot in the head while being raped. In India, women and girls are raped then set on fire. In Ukraine, women, grandmothers and children and men, are raped by Russian invaders.

Be angry about this.
Be very angry about this.
Human rights for women are obliterated. 
How are we to live, with each other, one another? 

Think about what you’re doing in your protest.

If you bring your peaceful protest to align with a hate filled one, incite violence upon people, upon a demographic, upon a nation, upon any religion, you are aligning with a growing domestic terrorist event, or with terrorism itself. You won’t be able to plead that you didn’t know any better. Even though your info from a news org or trusted ngo repeats info sourced by a terrorist group not be corrected for over a month. You believed what you wanted, became radicalized, repeated hearsay, or just believed tik-tok. Aligning with terrorism, foreign or domestic, never ends well IRL. 

Stop to think about this. Aligning with violent protests destroys your message and now, excludes people who had aligned with you in peaceful protest. Consequently, your angst-off hate filled protest defecates on all of those who have suffered and died in the advancement of our democracy through their #GoodTrouble in peaceful protests. Recognize who you are. 

Step back. Answer this about your protest. Are you advancing hate? Are you inciting violence against others? Are you defacing property? If the answer is yes, you practicing domestic terrorism. For current examples, look at all the MAGA J6 terrorists in prison, doing prison years, for what they planned and executed, without success. There are still more of them on trial for J6, even now. 

Mixed up in the patriarchal control of women seems to be the control of religion. Freedom of religion is another great thing about America. No one can impose their religious dogma upon us. Freedom of religion allows us to study or practice any religion, philosophy, science, including quantum physics, metaphysics and occultism. We have the freedom to discuss religion openly without fear of death or imprisonment. 

It is possible to share, grow, talk with each other, agree and disagree, gain greater understanding, not only by tolerance of our differences but actually in celebration of our differences. This is America. There is simply no excuse. Come on, now, together for #WomenLifeFreedom. 

We can make a difference together. How can simple acts be powerful? Iranian women publicly sing and dance with joy in the face of extermination. Estonians had a singing revolution that led to independence from the oppressive Soviet regime. African-American history teaches us how to sing spirituals and move together. We must come together not break apart. Men must know it’s time to aid women with strength and support. Don’t normalize tyranny over women. Don’t normalize rape culture and violence against women. 

There’s plenty of reasons to be courageous, heal your sons and daughters, your grandchildren. For women, for all of us, we need lift up. We need your voice. We need our spirit lifted with the extraordinary freedom #WomenLifeFreedom. 

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