Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Read on: GDP 2024 #womenlifefreedom

Read on: GDP 2024 #womenlifefreedom
With the increased destruction of nature, the earth itself, made by numerous wars on the planet, burning fossil fuel, strip mining, etc., we are too slowly putting it together. Our earth's restorative processes are adjusting. Humans call this climate emergency, climate disaster. Earth's healing properties are getting cutoff. Our human ability for communication with ourselves, with one another, with living things, cutoff. Acts to annihilate nature purposefully, are the most cowardly and contemptuous actions made by men. There's a certain insanity involved. It's like a brain without a body that thinks itself highly intelligent, but in reality its dumber by the nanosecond as sustenance was annihilated. 

Hateful acts cease by a force of forced enlightenment. Humans will always have Karma to pay, when and where they go. If there was only one last man on this earth, in this universe, in this galaxy, who failed to comprehend his relationship with nature, with another, even if he had  not regressed entirely into the depths of evil-ignorance, still, we all would have to keep returning, lifetime after lifetime. Until finally he concluded and acted accordingly with the purpose of radiating love, the golden light for all. 

Every act of kindness, tough love, conversational agreement-disagreement-resolution-growth, holds vast significance. No matter how great or small a gesture, kindness is king, compassion is queen. As witnesses, we testify to the load of work to do until earth’s graduation day for humans. Humans are in for lifetimes of learning, especially since we keep repeating cowardly acts toward nature, the metaphor for the feminine aspect. Our earth place is an important kindergarten. 

This may seem far-fetched, as if ruled by a hate-filled heart is normal. But perpetuating hate perpetuates trauma, it’s a dumb loop. There is beauty in this world. It’s the strength of a functional and loving family, not a perfect family. It’s a thoughtful and considerate neighbor, not a nosy neighbor. It’s the magnificent appreciation for the power of wonder, intelligence, and for the light of beauty without possession of it. All found within unconditional love. 

Even amid our information age, we still possess a spiritual root to life, conected to earth and cosmos. The spiritual root of life seeks unfathomable depths as anchor. The spiritual root of life gives us a loving heart, common sense, a sense of humor and more common sense. 

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